Fallen Angels

Faint cries were heard in the distance
Serenading them with a gloomy lullaby
Sleep came fast as their eyelids grew heavy
They waited and waited for the melody to stop
They waited and waited but it never did

Lying down among the scattered debris with no roof above their heads
Blanketed in the remnants of their skin and grey dust
Sleep came fast as the air in their lungs began to seep away
They waited and waited for the dream to come
They waited and waited but it never did




For the Poet

I wanted to write something
to let you and the whole world know

that you were an inspiration
when you stood proudly on the stage
under the bright lights illuminating your face
doing your best to live the dream of many
while desperately hoping the nightmare to end

you were our voice
when you spoke for the voiceless
and listened when no one else did
raising your voice even higher
as the white noise became too loud
while silently resigning to the voices in your head

you were a fighter
when you wore your heart on your sleeve
giving us love we did not deserve
and asking nothing in return
while quietly losing the battle within

I wanted to write something
to remind you and the whole world
that you mattered
you were loved
and you were my pride

Dedicated to the brightest moon in the universe, Kim Jonghyun


What we want to say

“Are you okay?”
“Yeah. Don’t worry, I’m fine.” (“I guess?”)
“You sure? Do you want me here?”
“No, you can leave.” (“Please stay.”)
“Sorry. I don’t know what to say.”
“It’s okay. You don’t need to say anything.” (“I could use a hug.”)


How many times have we lied to ourselves and others, closing the front gate every time the vulnerable side of us threatens to march in protest, violently shoving the need for a pat on the back or a look of pity we are too ashamed to want down our throats?

How many times have we put up a facade, building a giant wall no one would be able to climb over to see the beautiful side of us… the cracked cement, the ugliness, the abandoned caves, the darkness, the rabbit holes, the loneliness… we mistake for imperfections rather than a bond uniting all of us, the only thing we actually have in common?

All the words left unspoken… they deserve better. You deserve better.




The spitting image of my mom, they’d said
I had so much to say about it
Not so many nice words, though

How could they say so
When we were nothing alike

She was a tsunami
I couldn’t stand too close
I wouldn’t have known
When she would implode
and prick me everywhere

I used to think I was better
A calm low tide wave, swaying easily to the rhythm of the sea
Now I know all too well
The wrath of the dumping wave could swallow any living thing.

Have they been telling the truth all along?




I watched it unfold before my eyes
The raging gust of wind
Though invisible, capable of breaking anything standing in its path
Sweeping all the leaves away from their home
Shaking the leafless trees to the core

I heard the howling wind descending into the darkness of the night
Traveling at the speed of light, sending shivers down the calm rivers
Awakening the sleeping wolves from their deep slumbers
Evoking angry growls that were merely whispers to my ears

The sudden breeze stilled the night, breaking through the calamity
A silver lining peeked through the light red and bronze dawn sky
A greeting from the morning

But the sun let the world sleep a little longer
Before rising in its full glory