Keluhmu tahu
Mengapa kamu risau
Sendumu juga tahu
Mengapa kamu pilu
Peluhmu pun tahu
Mengapa kamu tersedu
Diammu saja tahu
Mengapa kamu membisu

Tapi hatimu
Siapa yang tahu?


A conversation with God

It was dark and quiet
the midnight had long passed
I was sure I wasn’t dreaming
because my thoughts were loud,
but the whispers were even louder

Each whisper lulled me deeper to a light trance,
to all of the places I had been,
to where I had been nothing
before life was breathed into me
a body without a soul,
my still heart was just as fragile
as ever

I would have been still nothing
if I wasn’t meant for this world,
for this life
a soul without eyes,
my vision would have been as blurry
as ever

The one that keeps giving
also keeps taking away
a little bit
in exchange for more
if you humble yourself
if you believe

Once, while the world outside was asleep
I lay awake in my bed,
dried tears visible on my cheeks,
wondering if God was sleeping, too

But I was breathing
and I wasn’t blind,
though my breathing ragged
and my eyes clouded with tears

If only I had been humble
If only I had been a believer
I would have known the answer
without having to ask